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1 year ago

Upar Se Gussa Aur Dil Me Pyar Hai.
Nazare Churate Ho Aur Dil Beqarar Hai.
Lakh Chhupa Lo Tum, Mujhe Sab Pata Hai.
Aapko Roz Mere 'Sms' Ka Intezar Hai.
"Good Morning''

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1 year ago

I’ve Seen Angels In The Sky,
I’ve Seen Snow Fall In July,
I’ve Seen Things You Could Only Imagine To See Or Do,
But I Still Haven’t Seen Anything Sweeter Than You!

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1 year ago

Dreaming Of U Makes My Night Worth While.
Thinking Of U Makes Me Smile.
Having U Is The Best Thing Ever &
Loving U Is What I Plan To Do Forever.

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1 year ago

किसी ने घड़े से पूछा,
कि तुम इतने ठंडे क्यों हो ?

अति अर्थ पूर्ण उत्तर था घड़े का:
जिसका अतीत भी मिट्टी, और भविष्य भी मिट्टी,
उसे गर्मी किस बात पर होगी. .!!

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1 year ago

जिंदगी से हर पल एक मोज मिली,
कभी कभी नहीं हर रोज मिली.

बस एक अच्छा दोस्त मांगता था
जिन्दगी से...
पर मुझे तो पूरी विद्वानों की
फौज मिली।.

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4 years ago

Loneliness Is Not When U Dont Have Anyone With U
Its When U Have Everyone
Not The One Whom U Want To Bewith U...

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1 year ago

कितने भी अच्छे कर्म कर लो.
मरने के बाद लोग उसी को याद रखेगें जो
उधार लेकर मरा हो.

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1 year ago

Obstacles Can’t Stop You.
Problems Can’t Stop You.
Most Of All Other People Can’t Stop You.
The Only One Who Stops You Is Yourself.

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1 year ago

I Hated Every Minute Of Training, But I Said, ‘Don’t
Quit. Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life As A
– Muhammad Ali

1 year ago

If You Want It, Work For It. It’s That Simple.

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