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4 years ago

Duniya Ka Sabse Bada Aatank dekhna ho to
Kisi Ka Mobile Lo Or Contact List Me jakar
"Delete All"
Kr Do
Fir Mobile Wale Ki Tarf Dekh K Thoda Sa Muskura Do..

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4 years ago

I M Going To Write On All The Bricks I Miss U And I Wish That One Falls On Ur Head,so That U Knows How It Hurts When U Miss Someone Special Like U.

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4 years ago

Chale gaye ho dur kuchh pal kliye, dur rehkar b kareeb ho harpal k liye, kaise yaad na aye aapki ek pal k liye, jab dil mein ho aap har pal k liye!.

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1 year ago

A Smile Costs Less Than Electricity,
But Gives More Light...
Always Smile As It Is Language Which Everyone Understand...
So Keep Smiling
Good Morning!

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4 years ago

A Baby Monkey Asked His Mother. Mom, Why Are We So Ugly? His Mother Answered, Thank God We Look Like This, U Should See The Person Reading This Sms.

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4 years ago

Ansoo Tumare Nikale,
Ankhe Meri Ho........
Ansoo Tumhare Nikale
Aankhe Meri Ho.......
Dil Tumhara Dhadke
Dhadkan Meri Ho.......
Khuda Kare,
Hamari Dosti Itni Gahri Ho,
Good Morning

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11 months ago

चाचा नेहरू ने कहा था की जब
पूरी दुनिया सोएगी तो भारत
जागेगा ,

चाचा नेहरू को

#Facebook# के बारे
में पता था शायद ..

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11 months ago

इंसान को कभी हिम्मत नही हारनी चाहिए
क्योकि पहाड़ो से निकली हुई नदी ने
आज तक रास्ते मे किसी से पूछा नहीं
कि समुन्दर कितना दूर है....

4 years ago

If SUPERSTAR RAJNI would have been born 200 years back .









Then the Britishers would be fighting for INDEPENDENCE.

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4 years ago

What To Do When It Feels
What To Do When It Does Not Heals
Every Sweet Moment Of Life It Steals
But Heart Has Only Love Where It Deals.

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