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Love - Romantic [love you]

4 years ago

Tere Naam Ko Honto Pe Sajaya Hai Mene.
Tere Ruh Ko Apne Dil Me Basaya Hai Mene.
Duniya Tumhen Dhondte Dhondte Ho Jayegi Pagal.
Dil Ke Aise Kone Me Chupaya Hai Maine

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4 years ago

All I Want 2 Do Is Make Love 2 U
Everlasting Love Always And Forever

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4 years ago

Aaj, Kal, Harpal, Har Samay, Har Vaqt, Maheno, Salo Saal Se Ek Dil Tumhare Liye Dhadakta Tha Aur Dhadakta Rahega Aur Wo Dil Hai Ur's Own Dear.

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4 years ago

I Feel Something In My Heart, It's Like A Little Flame, Every Time I See You, This Flame Lights Up, This Flame Is Special For You, Because I Love You

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4 years ago

I Have Liked Many But Loved Very Few.
Yet No-one Has Been As Sweet As U.
I'd Stand And Wait In The Worlds Longest Queue.
Just For The Pleasure Of A Moment With U.

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4 years ago

You're The First Thing I Think Of
Each Morning When I Rise
You're The Last Thing I Think Of
When I Close My Eyes
You're In Each Thought I Have
And Every Breath I Take
My Feelings Are Growing Stronger
With Every Move You Make
You're An Angel From Above
Who Takes Away My Pain
My Love For You Is So Strong...

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4 years ago

I Know I Am Not Able To Explode Myself,
But Believe My Heart Is Going To Explode Whenever
I Think Of You .
Imagine How Much I Love You!

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4 years ago

Jis Ke Iqrar Ka Intzar Tha Mujhe
Jane Kyu Us Se Itna Pyar Tha Mujhe
Ae Khuda Aa Hi Gaya Wo Hasin Pal,
Jab Usne Kaha Tumse Bahut Pyar Hai Mujhe..

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4 years ago

Allow Me To Whisper.
No Matter Who I Am Thinking,
My Heart Will Always And
Only Stunned To You.
Never Forget Me
You Are The Best.....

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4 years ago

For Every Day, I Miss You.
For Every Hour, I Need You.
For Every Minute, I Feel You.
For Every Second, I Want You.
Forever, I Love You.

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