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User: love heart [2946 SMS]

6 years ago

Don't Be Too Confident
When Someone Tells You They Like You,
The Real Question Is.

"Until When?"
Because Just Like Seasons...
People Change And So Do Feelings.

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6 years ago

The Most Touching Lines
Written By A Man To His Love.
Ever U Miss Me,never You Cry.
For A Drop Of Tear In Your Eyes,
Is A Day Less In My Life

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6 years ago

Jo log drd ko samajte h
Wo kbhi b dard ki wajah nhi bante
Jo log sachchi MOHABBAT krte h
Wo drd sehna to jante h
Lekin Drd dena nh jante.

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6 years ago

When You Get Attracted To
You Realize What Is
Love? But,
When That
Someone Starts Avoiding You,
You Realize What Is Life..! :-)

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6 years ago

Yado se judkr yad aate ho ap,
Yad aakr yad ban jate ho ap

Yaado hi yaado me hr jagah nazar aate ho ap,
Kyu yado ko b yadgar ban jate ho aap.
Miss you..

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6 years ago

Khuda kre kisi ko khud ki khudai n lge,
Jo pyar kre use bewfai n lge,
Jindgi ka intjar krte krte,
Unki hatho me kisi ki judai n lge.

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6 years ago

Doston ne humse mooh mod liya,
Kudrat ne phirse dil tod diya,
Itna bhi kya ruthna galtiyon pe,
Ab toh naseeb ne bhi saath dena chod diya!

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6 years ago

When Nails Grow Long,
We Cut Nails.. Not Fingers.
Similarity When Missunderstanding,
Grow Up,
Cut Your Ego,
Not Your Relationship.

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6 years ago

Happy Birthday To You
Another Year Older
But Still Lookin Good
Another Year Come And Gone
So Lets Celebrate Your Birthday In Style
Lets Go Have Some Fun
And Forget Aboout Tommorow
Cause Todays You Birthday
Todays The Day To Celebrate.

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6 years ago

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
From Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
At a Lovely Time
From a Lovely Mind
In a Lovely Mood
In a Lovely Style
To wish you
Have a Lovely BirthDay ..!

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