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User: NeverLetYouGo12 [183 SMS]

5 years ago

Rat ko agar kisi ka msg mile to ye zarur sochna

Ap kisi k liye itne important hai


Usne apni aankhe band karne se pahle AAPKO yad krna pasand kiya.

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5 years ago

Tears don't come when you miss a person But they come when you don't want to miss those special ones
I'm on the floor counting one
minute more
No one to break the silence
Staring into the night all alone
but that's alright
It's the feeling deep inside I
don't like
There is no excuse my friend
For breaking my heart, breaking
my heart again
This is where our journey ends
You're breaking my heart again.....

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5 years ago

Rahul: i love u Arohi
Arohi: i love u 2
Rahul: main tmhre bina nai jee sakta
Arohi: kyun
Rahul: remains silent and stare at her for a while and he said
kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho meri Aashiqui ab tum hi
Arohi: she run and huged rahul tightly and said meri zindagi ab tum hi ho..

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 362 - SMS Length: 287
5 years ago

Love is Unconditional
" I m happy to wait for u
when u say " i m busy, wait",
I m happy to wait for u knowing that you will never turn back
I m happy to wait even when you don't know that i was waiting for u
I m still waiting for u to say " I Love You.."

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Tags: love you
5 years ago

Sometimes It's Too Late To Make Things Right,
Sometimes We Hurt
Others More Than We Realize...
Sometimes A Smile Fades In Front Of Our Eyes And
Sometimes We R The Reason For
Tears In Someone's Eyes...
Never Treat Anyone The Way
You Don't Want To Be Treated ...
Love Life And Love The Ones Around You . . .

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 204 - SMS Length: 313
5 years ago

Person Every Time Loses Two Things:
"Time And Love"
Time Never Belongs To Everyone
And Love Never Happens With Everyone

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 187 - SMS Length: 122
5 years ago

You are..
You are near me,
with me,
you are..
so much I feel you,
as much I get you too..

You are, for me,
for me....
in such a way you are,
that I lost myself to you,
and I have won you too.

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5 years ago

Soon you will marry someone
You will become his beautiful wife…
Then I wouldn’t be having any rights to live with you
Someday you will become a mother of wonderful kids
After that I wouldn’t be having any rights to love you,
But until my memories has your lovable image
You will remain as the same girl I loved, and
I will remain as your same well-wisher that I used to be, May be you never care,
May be you never know..
May be it hurts..
But in a way this too is a happy ending...

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Tags: love you
5 years ago

Some lines for Boys..Must Read

When a
girl no matter howmuch u hurt her still
Loves u..

When a girl stops her
argument with him to save her
When a girl continuously
makes U feel special & Tries to make
U Happy ..

When a girl is Upset but
doesn't tell u as she thinks sHe is annoying

When a girl wants to Leave u bcoz of
ur rude behaviour, but she is Not able
to do..

Don't Let her Go..You may never
find someone like her Ever again..

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 171 - SMS Length: 490
5 years ago

Everybody says
"" I Love You ""
Is the best sentence in
whole world..
... I believe that
....""I Love you too""
is the Best.
Many Gets To hear the first
But only few gets to hear
second one..!!!

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Tags: love you
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