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User: jadhavbk [720 SMS]

5 years ago

Relations & Ego Both Are Interconnected.The First Fails If The Second Is Hurt&The Second Fails If The First Succeeds.

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5 years ago

Avoiding something doesn't always mean that u hate it..
It could also mean that u want it,but u just know that it isn't urs..

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5 years ago

Intelligent and respectfull people always have attitude of fact finding' not fault finding..

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5 years ago

I Wish U
"Happy Diwali"
I Know Ye Zaldi H
Pr Kya Kru Bahut sare Young, Smart,
Friends Ko Wish Krna H.
Socha Kyo Na Pahle
Ko Nipta Lu.

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6 years ago

Pyar me maut se darta kaun hai,
pyar to ho jata hai pyar krta kaun,
aap jaise dost pe duniya kurban hai,
aur ap kahte ho ki ap pr marta kaun hai...

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6 years ago

Tumhare bina kuch socha nahi jata.
Ek pal b bin tumhare humse jiya nahi jata itna b yaad aya na karo phr tumse dur humse raha nahi jata.

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6 years ago

KhuDa & DoctOr Ko Kabhi NaraJ Nahi KarNa Chahiye-KhuDa NaraJ, Aap DoctOr Ke PasS-Aur-DoctOr NaraJ, To Aap KhuDa Ke PasS

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6 years ago

Dil se roye magar hthon semuskara baithe. .
Yuhi hm tm se dil laga baithe. .
Woh hame 1lamha na de paye
Jinke liye hum apnasara sukungawa baithe

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6 years ago

Wifes Are Like Electricity,
If Handled With Care They Will Light Up Your Life,
But If Mishandled Will Give You Shocks Throughout Your Life.

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6 years ago

Wonderfull Air!
Beautifull Sun!
Beautiful Birds!
Excellent Time!
These All Are
Waiting In Your Door.
They Want To Say
A Sweet "Good Morning"
Have A Nice Day

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