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User: Bullet Boys [6 SMS]

5 years ago

A New Challenge,
A New Goal,
A New Optimism,
A New Aproach,
A New Mission,
A New Resolution,
Wishng U a very "Happy New year" in advance

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5 years ago

"Be smart with everyone!!"
"Always be silly with your dear ones!!"
It's a beautiful secret for a lovely relationship...!
Good afternoon

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5 years ago

A mechanic was removing car engine parts of famous heart surgeon in his shop,
he called the surgeon & said...
"Look at this engine... I opened its heart, took d valves out, repaired & put them back, So why do I get such a small salary & u get such a huge sum...?"

The doctor smiled at d mechanic & came close to his ear & said...."Try the same when d engine is running...!"

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5 years ago

Christmas is near,
and its coming,
Be merry!
Be happy!
December !s A Wonderful Month, To
Pray To Love To C@re To Sm!le To Celebr@te
! Advance Merry
" X'MAS "

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5 years ago

I Was The Most Outstanding Student Of My Class ...
I Always Stand Outside The Class
Proud 2 B An Out-Standing Student..

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Tags: Mix Jokes
5 years ago

Tragedies of boys' Life:
1.Gud girls r Not Gudlooking
2.Gudlooking girls r Not gud girls
3.Gudlooking & gud girls r not single
4.Gudlooking,gud & single girls have strong Brothers
5.Gudlooking, gud,single girls without brothers will treat them as her brother

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