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User: khushbu [143 SMS]

5 years ago

Successful people Can’t relax in chairs
They relax in work.
They Sleep with a dream,
Awake with commitment+work towards GOAL.
That’s Spirit of Life

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5 years ago

Be strong in your decisions.
Either it gives you victory or failure,
but it will teach you a lesson whether to do or not to do in future

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5 years ago

Life is very crazy..
What u want, u don’t get..
What u get, u don’t enjoy..
What u enjoy, is not permanent..
What is permanent is boring..

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5 years ago

2 things define your success in life.
The way u manage when u have nothing
The way u behave when u have everything

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5 years ago

Pearl of life:
“Never hold yourself only responsible for any misfortune in life
bcoz no single raindrop is ever alone responsible for any flood”

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5 years ago

Kisi faqeer ki jholi mein jab 1 rupiya daala tab ye jana..
is mehangayi ke zamane me bhi “duaayein” kitni sasti hain..

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5 years ago

We can win life by all means:
If we simply avoid 2 things in our life.
1) Comparing with others
2) Expecting from others

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5 years ago

“May your life be spent with them who know what they have when they have you”

Read again!

It has a beautiful meaning in it!

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5 years ago

A friend less life is like a flower less garden,
But i have a beautiful garden with a wonderful flowers,
One flower is just reading My SMS

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5 years ago

A very true but strange quote….!

“Love doesn’t start in morning & doesn’t end in evening.
It starts when u dont need it & ends when u need it most”

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