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3 years ago

“रहे सलामत जिंदगी उनकी,
जो मेरी खुशी की फरियाद करते है.
ऐ खुदा उनकी जिंदगी खुशियों से भरदे,
जो मुझे याद करने में अपना एक पल बर्बाद करते है…..!!

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3 years ago

Ye Khushbu Ye Hawa Apke Naam Kar Di, Mausam Ki Har 1 Ada Aapke Naam Kar Di, Dil Ne Chaha Aaj Kuch Khaas Tohfa De Apko, To Dil Se Nikli Har Dua Apke Naam Kar Di.

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3 years ago

Life Has No Pause Buttons. Dreams Have No Expiry Date. Time Has No
Holiday. So Don't Waste A Single Moment In Your Life.
Live It!
Love It!
Rock It!
A Very Happy New Year

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3 years ago

Wishing You A Fabulous 2015 With Full Of Great Achievements And
A Meaningful Chapter Waiting To Be Written Happy New Year -2015

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3 years ago

Lets Celebrate This Blissful, Cheerful, Colorful New Year. With A Smile.

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3 years ago

Oh My Dear, Forget Ur Fear, Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear, Never Put
Tear, Please Hear, I Want To Tell One Thing In Ur Ear Wishing U A Very
"Happy New Year"!

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3 years ago

On This New Year:
May You Change Your Direction And Not The Dates;
Change Your Commitments And Not The Calendar;
Change Your Attitude And Not The Actions;
Change Your Actions And Not The Focus;
Change Your Warmth And Not Your Love;
And May You Create For You And Your Loved Ones The Most Happy New
Year Ever!

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3 years ago

May The Year 2015 Bring For You Happiness,success And Filled With
Peace, Hope & Togetherness Of Your Family & Friends....
Wishing You
A *Happy New Year*

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3 years ago

Don't Think About Yesterday.
Think About Tomorrow Because
Tomorrow Is A Chance To Correct The Mistake Of Yesterday.
Happy New Year 2015

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3 years ago

On Behalf Of My Family.... I Wish You All The Best On The Occasion Of The
New Year’s Day,. Hope This Upcoming New Year Brings New
Inspiration To Mind And Bring Lots Of Happiness In Ur Life. Best Of Luck.

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