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Birthday SMS

3 years ago

किसी रोज़ याद न कर पाऊँ तो
खुदग़रज़ ना समझ लेना दोस्त

दरअसल छोटी सी इस उम्र मैं
परेशानियां बहुत हैं..!!

मैं भूला नहीं हूँ किसी को...
मेरे बहुत अच्छे दोस्त है ज़माने में ..

बस थोड़ी जिंदगी उलझी पड़ी है ..
2 वक़्त की रोटी कमाने में..
Happy Birthday. ..

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 160 - SMS Length: 588
3 years ago

Wish You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day And We Wish For Great Year And Bright Future Ahead And Get Great Success In Your Life. Happy Birthday

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 307 - SMS Length: 145
4 years ago

Step By Step The Journey Goes On,
Little By Little It May Seem So Long.
Forget About Your Past,
You Can-t Change It,
Forget About Your Future,
You Cant Predict It.
Just Think About Present,
You Can Handle It.
Enjoy Presents Every Moment & Behappy.
Happy Birthday To U.!

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 334 - SMS Length: 278
4 years ago

Flying Papers,
Multi Colours Of Balloon,
Delicated Blossom, Fantastic People,
Love And Laughter.
What It Describes?
Happy Birthday.

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 176 - SMS Length: 136
4 years ago

The Best Way To Remember
Your Wife ’ S Birthday Is To Forget It Once .
You Know You Are Getting Old
When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 152 - SMS Length: 145
4 years ago

You Are Such A Special Friend ,
Who Deserves A Special Day,
For Being Who You Are And
Bringing Joy In Every Way .
You Make Us Smile And Laugh ,
With Everything You Do,
So Today We Get To Send A Special
Birthday Wish To You!

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 187 - SMS Length: 230
4 years ago

Mother Is An Undying Love ,
A Love Beyond Compare ,
The One You Take Your Troubles To ,
She Is The One Who Really Cares.
Mother You Are All Of This And More ,
I Love You Very Much.
Happy Birthday Mom

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 179 - SMS Length: 205
4 years ago

In Soft Gleaming Night Of Stars .
May All Your Dreams Come True.
May Every Star Of Ever Night .
Bring Love and Joy To You.
Happy Birthday To You .

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 168 - SMS Length: 150
4 years ago

I’ M So Blessed To Have A Friend Like You. .
This Comes With Many Loving .
Thoughts And Warm Wishes .
I Send To You, May Ur Day Be Filled .
With Laughter , On This Special Day.
May The Finest Things In Life .
Always Come Your Way Happy Birthday

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 166 - SMS Length: 252
4 years ago

Step By Step The Journey Goes On ,
Little By Little It May Seem So Long .
Forget About Your Past ,
You Can’ T Change It ,
Forget About Your Future ,
You Cant Predict It .
Just Think About Present ,
You Can Handle It .
Enjoy Presents Every Moment & Be Happy… .
Happy Birthday To U … .!

HeartI Like SMS - Like: 147 - SMS Length: 299
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