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EID Mubarak

2 years ago

जैसे जैसे ईद नजदीक आ रही है बेचारे बकरों पर भी व्यापम का खौफ झलकने लगा है

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3 years ago

Troubles As Light As Air,
Love As Deep As Ocean ,
Friends As Solid As Diamonds ,
And Success As Bright As Gold…
These Are The Wishes For You And Your Family On The Eve Of Diwali And Eid . Eid
Ki Mubarakbadi Aur Diwali Ki Shubhkamana !

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3 years ago

Memories Of Moments Celebrated Together,
Moments That Have Been Attached
In My Heart, Forever, Make Me Miss
U Even More This Ramadan.hope
This Ramadan Brings In Good Fortune &
Abounding Happiness For U!happy Ramadan.

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3 years ago

One Ramadan Can Make Such a
Difference Towards Your Position
In Jannah. May Allah Allow Us
To Be The First Batch Ofmuslims
To Enter Jannahin’shaa’allah
Have A Merciful Ramadan..!!

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3 years ago

May The Light That We Celebrate At
Ramadan Show Us The Way And Lead
Us Together On The Path Of Peace And
Social Harmony A Very Happy Ramadan.

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3 years ago

May God Send His Love Likesunshine
In His Warm And Gentle Waysto
Fill Every Corner Of Your Heart
And Filled Your Life With Alot
Of Happiness Like This Eidday.
Wishing You & Your Family Eid Mubarak.

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3 years ago

Nazar Ke Chain Dil Ke Suroor
Hote Hai, Kuch Aise Log Jahan
Me Jarur Hote Hai, Sada
Chamakta Rahe Ye Eid Ka Tyohaar,
Karib Rah Kar Bhi Jo Hamse
Dur Hote Hai Eid Mubarak..

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3 years ago

Chaand Ki Pehli Dastak
Pe, Chaand Mubarak Kehte
Hain, Sub Sa Pehle
Hum Aap Ko, Chand Raat
Mubarak" Kehte Hain.

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3 years ago

Sadaa Hanste Raho Jaise Hasta
Hai Phool, Duniya Ke Saare Gam Tum
Jao Bhool, Chharo Tarf Failao
Khushiyo Ke Geet, Bus Isi Umeed
Ke Sath Yaar Tumhe,
Mubaark Ho Eid.

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3 years ago

Badal Se Badal Milte Hai
To Barish Hoti Hai..
Dost Se Dost Milte Hai
To Eid Hoti Hai.
Eid Mubarak

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