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3 years ago

वकील: "माई लार्ड, कानून की किताब के पेज
नंबर 15 के मुताबिक मेरे मुवक्किल को बा-इज्जत
बरी किया जाये।
जज: "किताब पेश की जाये।"
किताब पेश की गयी, जज ने पेज नंबर 15
खोला तो उसमें 1000 के 5
नोट थे।
जज मुस्कुराते हुए बोला:
"बहुत खूब, इस तरह के 2
सबूत और पेश किये जाये।""

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Rajesh Posted In Day Wishes
6 years ago

You said i am not the correct person to show my love on you on valentines day...
that is the true because i am in love with you always not only on valentines day...

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6 years ago

Teri Dosti Mein Kuch Aisi Baat Hai.har Waqt Teri Yaad Mere Saath Hai.dil Chahta Hai Ke Tujhe Tujh Hi Se Churalu.par Mummy Kehte Hai Chori Karna Buri Baat Hai.

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6 years ago

True Feeling:
U Smile with Tears in Eyes
Pain in Heart
When Ur Loved One Tells U Sorry After Hurting U..
That’s A Wonderful Feeling!

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4 years ago

Lover: Darling Tum Chaddi Kyon Nahi Pahenti?
Lady: Mere Husband Ko Maine Vachan De Rakha Hai Ki..
Usske Alawa Kisi Ke Bhi Samne Chaddi Nahi Utaarungi.

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5 years ago

Modi : Aatla Badha Rupiya India Ma Khavai Gaya Pan Tame Kem Kashu Bolya Nahi..??
Manmohan : Hu Nano Hato Tyare Mari Maa Kehti K Khata-khata Bolay Nahi.!

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Rimpa Posted In Special SMS
6 years ago

Share a heart which never breaks,
Have a smile which never hurts,
Give a touch never pains,
Maintain a friendship which never ends.

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4 years ago

My Löve And Passiøn For You Gröws Möre With
Each Passing Day
The Thöught Of Yöur Gorgeous Face Takes My
Breath Away
Those Lotus Eyes Fill My Heart With Happiness,
Those Luscious Lips I Love To Kiss.
Those Long Dense Hair Doing Black Magic.

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6 years ago

The Happiness

Doesnt Consist

In The Multitude Of

F . R . I . E . N . D . S


In The Worth & Choice (:->

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4 years ago

Step By Step The Journey Goes On,
Little By Little It May Seem So Long.
Forget About Your Past,
You Can-t Change It,
Forget About Your Future,
You Cant Predict It.
Just Think About Present,
You Can Handle It.
Enjoy Presents Every Moment & Behappy.
Happy Birthday To U.!

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