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1 week ago

Daru Ki Khushbu, Beer Ki Mithas;
Ganje Ki Roti, Charas Ka Saag;
Bhaang Ke Pakode, Afeem Ka Pyaar;
Mubarak Ho Aapko 2 Din Pehle Holi Ka

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Tags: Holi SMS
1 week ago

Some Crave For Sweets, Others Cry Or Laugh;
Let's Heighten The Revelry, De-stress And
The Air Is Filled With Aroma Of Flowers;
Let's Enjoy This Colourful And Organised
Have A Beautiful Holi!

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Tags: Holi SMS
1 week ago

Pink For Love And Beauty;
Red For Courage And Vitality;
Yellow For Joy And Happiness;
Blue For Spirituality And Peace;
Gold For Prosperity And Wisdom;
Green For Fertility And Well-being;
And White For Purity And Cleanliness!
Have A Colourful Holi!

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Tags: Holi SMS
1 week ago

" Best Wise Advice "
Winning Horse Doesn't Knows Why It Runs In The Race,

It Runs Because Of The Beat And Pains..

Life Is A Race,
God Is Your Rider,

So If You Are In Pain Then Think,
God Wants You To Win...

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1 week ago

Lucky Means Who Get The Opportunity.

Brilliant Means Who Create The Opportunity.

Winner Means Who Use The Opportunity.

Be A Winner Always.

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1 week ago

Dont Place Your Mistakes On Your Head,

Its Weight May Crush U Down

Instead Place Them Under Your Feet

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1 week ago

" Best Wise Advise"

Your Dream Will Not Die,

Your Plans Wil Not Fail

Your Destiny Wil Not Be Aborted,

The Desire Of Your Heart Will Be Granted Only If U Believe In Yourself...

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1 week ago

"No Person In This World Is Born As
A Friend Or As An Enemy"

Our Behaviour, Attitude And Character Makes Them What They Are To Us.

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1 week ago

Suna Hai Wo Jate Huye Keh
Gaye Ki, Ab To Hum Sirf
Tumare Khwabo Me Ayenge,

Koi Keh De Unse Ke Wo
Wada Kar Le, Hum Jindagi
Bhar Ke Liye So Jayenge.

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1 week ago

Cute Lines:-
"Tears Can Be Trusted More Than Smile
U Can Easily Smile At Anybody,
Can't Cry Without True Feelings!

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