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5 days ago

Be Strong In Your Decisions,
Either It Gives You Victory Or Failure,

But It Will Teach You A Lesson Whether To Do Or Not To Do In Future.

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5 days ago

Life Is All About Forgiving.

Forgiving The Ones
Who Are Worth It..

Forgetting The Ones
Who Aren't..!

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5 days ago

Exams Ke 4 Din Pehle Syllabus Dekha To Yaad Aaya,

Kuch To Hua Hai Kuch Ho Gaya Hai,
Exams Ke Din Paper Dekh Kar Yaad Aaya,

Sab Kuch Alag Hai
Sab Kuch Naya Hai

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5 days ago

"Success Is Neither
Magical Nor Mysterious.
Success Is The Natural
Consequence Of Consistently
Applying The Basic

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5 days ago

Pyar .. Dukh Ka Bazaar
Premi .. Dukh Ka Kharidaar
Premika .. Dukh Ki Dukandaar
Dad .. Beech Ki Deewaar
Behan .. Salahkaar
Bhai .. Peetne Ko Taiyaar
Ye Hai Pyar Ka Big Bazaar..!

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5 days ago

A Temple And A Teacher Should Not Be Visited With Empty Hands.

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5 days ago

The Serpent, The King, The Tiger, The Stinging Wasp, The Small Child, The Dog Owned By Other People, And The Fool: These Seven Ought Not To Be Awakened From Sleep.

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5 days ago

There Is Some Self-interest Behind Every Friendship.
There Is No Friendship Without Self-interests.

This Is A Bitter Truth.

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5 days ago

Sukun_e_dil Ke Liye Dua Kaise Karun.?

Dard To Usne Diya Hai Gila Kaise Karun.?

Aksar Lout Aate Hen Manzil Se Ye Sochkar.

Pura Ye Safar Uske Bina Kaise Karun.

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5 days ago

Is The Most Important Element Of Ur "Personilty"

It Is Like An Investment,

Whatever U Give To Others,
It Will Return U With Profit.

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